Intelligent & Scalable Charging Management

A data-driven smart software to remotely manage energy consumption for EV Charging

An Opportunity

An average passenger car is stationary 90% of the time making  integrated and intelligent home charging an opportunity which is not truly possible when using only public chargers.

A Solution

We use machine learning algorithms to predict the required energy and departure time of EV drivers and automatically charge the EVs at the cheapest and greenest time.

How It Works

VoltSmart takes advantage of vehicles’ telematics to wirelessly connect EVs, to track battery level and send commands to stop or start charging.  We are also able to remotely communicate with chargers that integrate with our software so the plugged in EV is automatically charged at the cheapest and greenest time.

The Core Intelligence

Off-Peak Charging

VoltSmart shifts the charging to the off-peak window to help EV owners take advantage of low-cost off-peak charging, while avoiding being exposed to high prices during peak hours when the EV would not be charging. In order to do so our platform constantly aggregates data from utilities and service providers in the regions it covers. 

Power Smart Pricing

Power smart pricing is a dynamic hourly rate for energy that follows the day-ahead pricing curve. VoltSmart optimizes charging to consume energy during the lowest price hours while still getting vehicles ready by the time the drives enter in the app. 

Emissions Optimization

VoltSmart uses generation forecast and real time generation data across regions to calculate the relative carbon intensity per kWh of the unit of electricity. This allows us to align as much EV charging as possible with low carbon or renewable generation, optimizing charging to carbon emissions.

Smart Charging App

VoltSmart works by connecting vehicles and chargepoints onto our intelligent software and then through the app controlling charging to automatically to align with cheap energy prices and renewable generation on the grid.

Consumption Profiles

By creating an individual consumption profile for each vehicle, VoltSmart is able to develop a day-ahead pricing model based on the historical data. Factors such as driver’s behaviour and usage patterns are considered to create a personalized model for each driver to predict how much energy an EV needs on a specific day.

Available Through API

Our solution can be made available through API or integration with your backend. Contact us to find out how VoltSmart can help you optimize your charging based on your needs and constraints.