Turn Your Device into an Intelligent Charger

Integrate your product with VoltSmart seamlessly and offer new values to your customers

Equip your drivers with options to use the cheapest , greenest and most suitable EV charging electricity tariffs available

Integration With Our Cloud-Based Backend

By integrating your charger with VoltSmat platform you allow drivers to manage their charger. Through integration with electricity provider your drivers will be able to charge at the lowest possible cost. VoltSmart App will also provide drivers with charging history, live charging status, electricity used in kWh, energy costs and carbon savings. 

Public Chargers Integration

Our intelligent software can be implemented for controlling public charging stations through Open Charge Point Interface Protocol (OCPI). The solutions require to be customized benefit from the core intelligence of VoltSmart software.

EV Manufacturers

With a simple wireless integration you allow your EV owners to have access to the state of charge and schedule charging on VoltSmart App. This can be done without a need for additional hardware.  

EV owner value sustainability. Owning and EV is not sustainable unless it is powered by green sources of energy. We help your customers take advantage of cheaper off-peak rates and charge at the greenest time on the gird. 

Reduce the cost of ownership

We provide your EV owners with the cheapest deals to charge at home.

Let drivers be truly sustainable

We help your EV owners use more renewables to charge their EV.

Make charging less of a hassle

We make charing at home the best option for daily needs of drivers.

Add Our Smart Software to Your Hardware

We are building VoltSmart with a goal to be capable to integrate with various hardware and platform seamlessly and smoothly. Talk to us to learn how we can help you stay relevant in the future.