Deliver Greener Energy to Your Customers

Minimize grid intensity, align with renewable generation, and help your customers save 

Are you ready for the EV adoption?

The EV adoption can come with a lot of unintended consequences and pose several challenges like grid congestion and reliance on high carbon sources of energy. Staying competitive may require expensive grid infrastructure upgrades and delay the transition from fossil fuels.

How VoltSmart Can Help

Align With Renewables

Optimize EV charging schedules to align with more renewable generation. 

Avoid Grid Overloads

Manage distribution peak load and avoid grid congestion at peak times.

Help Customers Save

Make cheaper off-peak charging more accessible to your customers.

Wireless Solution

The unique feature of our solution is that it is entirely wireless, we connect directly to Electric Vehicles or Chargers using telematics and use that connection to manage EV charging without the need for additional hardware. This way we can deploy our solution to any utility around the world. Your customers connect their vehicles to VoltSmart app and enter the time their vehicle needs to be charged by. VoltSmart algorithms will take care of the rest!

Understand where, when and how much drivers charge.

VoltSmart can help you understand and predict energy consumption behaviour and test new solutions to balance the grid. Using VoltSmart’s data data you are able to define certain limits for energy consumption so the energy used is not more than the energy being produced. 

Our data can also help you identify customers with EV charger and electric cars at home and target them with a personalised tariffs.

Prevent network stress and thermal constraints events

VoltSmart can help you optimize charting to network signals by shifting the charging session based on the dynamic network signals received from the grid. This way you are able to guarantee a good functioning of the system and a continuation in the power supply and reduce the risk of a power outage

VoltSmart uses EV charging flexibility so you can use more renewables & maximize the penetration of EVs without exceeding the grid constraints.

Partner With Us

Run a pilot project with us to discover how using our app and the use of telematics can be used to optimize EV Charging loads and schedules and bring balance to the power grid.