Reduce Your CO2 Emissions and Save Money

A smooth home charging experience automatically tailored to your driving needs

Plug and Go!

We Want You To Charge Your EV The Way You Charge Your Phone.

Easy Set Up

Connect your car and let us manage your charging!

VoltSmart connects to to your EV through your vehicles’ telematics. The app can track battery level and send stop or start commands directly to your car. When using chargers integrated with VoltSmart, you can use the app to manage your charging through your charger as well.

Smart Management

Based on your driving and usage patterns

Plug in your EV and let VoltSmart manage how much energy and at what time is given to your EV. We dynamically stop and start charging your EV based on your historical charging patterns the amount of renewable energy on the grid. During time our platform develops an optimal charging strategy to continuously improve based on your behaviour.

Track Your Impact

View how your smart charging evolves to meet your goals.

Track your charging history and see how VoltSmart learns about your vehicle and your driving behaviour and uses that to help you save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Adjust your goals so the app can optimize for your specific needs. 

Save Resources

Use up to 50% more renewable energy.

Save Money

Save up to 30% on your utility bills.

Save The Planet

Reduce tones of CO2 emissions.

Convenient Home Charging Made Accessible For All

VoltSmart makes it possible for you to charge your vehicle at home without being worried about overloading your residential electrical system or receiving expensive electricity bills. You don’t need to waste your time in public charging stations and instead enjoy riding your EV! 


Be Among the Firsts to use VoltSmart!

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